Yossi Landau (Zaka Lachis)

"I've been in many terrorist attacks but this is something else entirely. The amount of dead. It's an astronomical amount that the mind, soul and body can not contain. Then there's the unbearable cruelty...worse then the stories you hear about the Nazis. The vicious way they murdered women, children and elderly and just molested the bodies."

Yossi Landau (Zaka Lachis)

"[Our] crew of volunteers, we've seen it all, but these things, the horrors, I don't remember ever seeing. Some of us thought of leaving because we couldn't bare the sights but we said this is our mission, we have to do it. I don't know how we did it. The barbarism, the brutality...We saw evidence of hostages, long trails of blood with no body at the end of it."

Neta Heiman

My mother, Ditza Heiman,84 years old,was abducted from her home on Saturday morning.At 4 p.m., my sister called me, crying, someone answered Mom's phone: It's Hamas, it's Hamas. When I envision my mother there, she’s taking care of everyone

Itai Veruv (IDF Major General)

"It's not a war, its not a battlefield. You see the babies, the mother, the father, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms - and [you see] how the terrorists killed them... It's a massacre."

Natan Kenning (Zaka)

"You go in the house and see someone went over them one by one. I won't give exact descriptions, but things have been done to people that the eye can not grasp, you don't understand what you're looking at...Some cases are simply not recognizable."

Avital Eldjem

"My neighbor and I hid in the closet. They blew up the door, my neighbor was killed, they pulled me out, dragged me to the living room and brought over her children. They pulled [us] out of the house, led us to a breach in the fence that surrounds the kibbutz. We started going to Gaza – the children, me, and the terrorists."

Natan Kenning (Zaka)

"I've been a volunteer at ZAKA for 27 years. This is the first time I've seen bodies cry. They slaughtered people with bare hands, burned them. Did things to them that you can not believe your eyes. Even the Nazi Mengele didn't abuse people like that."

May Hayat

"The guy who was with me begged for his life and cried, I told him: 'Don't cry, they (the terrorists) dont like it, He dropped to his knees, begged for his life - from this moment he didn't scream anymore. They murdered him in front of my face."

Yossi Landau (Zaka Lachis)

"Sadly I have nothing to say but the phrase "all that have mercy on the cruel will end up being cruel to the merciful". That's the price we pay now. For years we lived with them publicly saying they want to kill us. Now, in front of the whole world, they did exactly that."

Mor Bayder

"The moment we left the bomb shelter, my aunt called my mother, screaming, 'open Facebook, open Facebook!'. [I saw] my grandmother on the ground, in her own home, murdered, in a video. The floor was all bloody. My grandmother, laying there. This is how we found out."

Saar Ben Sela

“...he just shot us at point blank.
I was in the second row of people against the wall on the left side, and everyone who was in the first and the second row, except me, died.”

Daria Krep

"The terrorists managed to get inside our home and open the shelter door. My dad stormed them with an axe trying to protect me and my brother, but the terrorists managed to kill him and his girlfriend."

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